Tagaytay Artist Summit

“Sampalataya”, the Filipino’s ability to believe in something bigger than all of us, was the theme of the Tagaytay Artist Summit. The 9 chosen artists sought to delve into this aspect of faith and the continuous reshaping of artistic ideals through different styles and mediums. The impact of nature’s elements present in Tagaytay and the mystic hill known as the Mountain of Salvation was a long process of introspection among the group.The Tagaytay Artist Summit was held at the Tagaytay residence of Mrs. Gerarda Villa on September 2009. Works were exhibited at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City on November 9-17, 2009.

Selection Committee:

Professor Leo Abaya


Patrick Astilla, Zeus Bascon, Anjo Bolarda, Mica Cabildo, Catherine Jao, Rovi Jesher Salegumba, Daniel Tayona, Jesus Teiada, Ray Zapanta


The arts have always been an integral part of a nation’s cultural and national identity. Thus, the Outlooke Pointe Foundation’s continued patronage of local artists not only provides invaluable support to a thriving local art scene, it also inspires us (artists and non-­‐artists alike) to preserve, appreciate – and celebrate! -­‐ our rich cultural heritage!


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