Sulong Sining: Men of Mission & Music

The OPF in collaboration with the Institute for Pastoral Development, held a concert entitled Sulong Sining: Men of Mission and Music on February 19, 2011 at the Insular Life Auditorium in Alabang. The concert featured works by American composers Aaron Copland, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin. Performers were young singer Mica Pineda, classical pianist Joshua Alexander Manalo, and the handpicked Outlooke Pointe Chamber Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the brilliant American conductor and New York-based Ensemble du Monde music director Marlon Daniel.

The concert fulfills OPF’s mission of promoting both local and foreign talent to foster an artistic dialogue in the spirit of nationhood.

L-R Pianist Joshua Manalo, Conductor Marlon Daniel, Singer Mica Pineda, Artistic Director Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz
L-R OPF Executive Director Wilfred Victoria, Pianist Joshua Manalo, Singer Mica Pineda, Conductor Marlon Daniel, Artistic Director Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz, OPF Chairman Atty. Jesulito Manalo, Project Manager Rico Tirona


“I had the great pleasure of sharing my talent and experience by conducting a concert with an orchestra made up of many musicians under the auspices of the Outlooke Pointe Foundation (OPF) on February 2011, a concert held at the Insular Life Auditorium in Manila that showed me the great need for this organization.

Music has always been a part of my life and I have always had an intrinsic need to share this Art with others. My personal philosophy is that music should “inspire”, “create” and “educate”. The Outlooke Pointe Foundation (OPF) through their many and varied programs does just that. It also shows the power of the people, through the Arts, to influence and effectively change the thinking and lives of a nation.”

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