HALA MÆN Breathing Space

4 October- 2 November 2022
Cavalry Hills Village, Makati City

In Breathing Space, HALA MÆN’s clusters of rubber cuts awaken the viewer on the importance of being in sync with the environment.

Here we see comical figures, leaves, unfussy shapes and hints of a possible narrative. Here we sense a slow flow of time that is cyclical- a quality evident in the realm of plants as well as in the realm of printmaking. Emotion is present, but desire has stabilized.

All unnecessary confusion has been filtered out. Learned guilt and shame are dismantled so that we may continue to remember breathing, moving, stretching and napping! Rest! It is breathtaking simply to be alive and to be who you are. To grow. Like a seed, small doesn’t always mean insignificant. On the contrary, small translates to reverence.

HALA MÆN, also known as Anton Villaruel, is a Filipino printmaker based in Biñan Laguna. He is a graduate of University of the Philippines Bachelor in Fine Arts and a member of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers Inc.

His most recent works include: participation and contributions for 20/30 A Limited Edition Print Portfolio project for the Cultural Center of the Philippines, completion of a 2 month printmaking residency in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia under Chetak 12, a solo release by Cartellino titled “Mga Lamang Poste”, “Day One” a group show in Altro Mondo art gallery and “Perjalanan” a two-man exhibition in CCP

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