The Sigma Rho and its Commitment to Arts and Culture

The Sigma Rho Fraternity has taken pride in the way its members have shaped and continue to shape Philippine history. In a way, the fraternity has established itself to be the premiere brotherhood of men who only aspire for what is right, or in other words, seekers of the right. Thus, members of the fraternity have placed themselves in positions that would allow them to steer the country and its people. It has produced justices of the Supreme Court, senators, congressmen, public servants, legal luminaries, businessmen, and outstanding citizens of the country.

With the goal of nation-building in mind, the Sigma Rho Council, which serves as the body that directs the energies of the fraternity towards a unified end, has decided to partner up with Outlook Pointe Foundation, a foundation that supports both establish and up and coming artists and musicians in the country, to navigate its efforts towards arts and culture. Culture is the soul of the nation. Absent a culture that thrives and artists and cultural workers whose works are valued appropriately, any advancement in the economy and governance of the country are without meaning.

It is for this reason why the Sigma Rho Council has chosen to come up with a project that will showcase what the Filipino can do in the arena of music. Through the concert entitled “Seekers of the Right,” the Council has taken the initial steps to forging its commitment to this specific endeavor of supporting the arts by donating part of the proceeds of the concert to the Makiling School of the Arts which has throughout its existence produced for the Philippines the artists who carry with them the good name and honor of the country whenever and wherever they paint, sculpt, or perform.

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