Pamilyang Bol-anon


The OPF celebrated with the Diocese of Tagbilaran on its 75th anniversary through an art exhibit saluting the Boholano family. The exhibit, entitled “Pamilyang Bol-anon” acknowledges the need for a deeper understanding of the profound mutual relationship between the church and the Boholano family. The exhibit opened on March 16, 2012 at Bishop’s Palace, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.


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[1] Seventy-five years have passed since the seed of the Church in Bohol sprouted forth as the Diocese of Tagbilaran and marked with a glorious array of bishops, priests, religious men and women, missionaries, prominent statesmen and exemplary lay Catholics. Seventy-five years have passed, and the glory from which the Diocese sprung continues to grow and bloom amidst a changing world that threatens to undo the traditional Christian values that mark this oasis of faith.

What has led the Church in Bohol to come this far? What has strengthened us to face the challenges of these difficult times? With much reflection and prayer, we have come to see that our strength did not lie in the island’s natural resources or in our old, enduring churches. Our strength lay in the “little churches” that reside in every home that professes and lives the Catholic faith to the fullest. Little churches called the family, that is, the Boholano Family.

It is the mission of the Church to preserve this most guarded, most precious jewel. Through the years, the Boholano family has remained strong and persevering amidst the many trials and obstacles which threaten the heart of the family in our world today. In spite of it all, it has remained ever resilient in keeping its Christian values and faith intact. In a developing world, it has shown all the more mature in facing the challenges of our times. What more can we say of the countless servants of society, both in the Church and the State, produced from this very cradle of love and faith.

In the occasion of the 75th diamond jubilee of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, we wish to give tribute to the cradle of the Catholic Church in Bohol, the Pamilyang Bol-anon. Through this exhibit, we wish to depict through paint and canvass the depth of our religious values, the spirit and culture which marks the Boholano family. Let these paintings be timeless memoirs of the past, reminders for the present, and guides to the new and future generation of Boholanos.


Alger Angcla, Florante Anunciado, Eric Catot, Irish Glori Galon, Joey Labrador, Glenn Lumantao, Carlito Masalta, Boy Olano, Joemari Polo


[1] Text by the Diocese of Tagbilaran

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