Message from Oscar Gozos, President of the Sigma Rho Council

The Sigma Rho is a force, a campus force, a national force.

True to its nature as a force, it has fostered and produced luminaries not only in the legal field but other professional fields as well. In a way, one can proclaim, without even a hint of doubt, that the Sigma Rho has been instrumental in nation-building. The men it has instilled its virtues in who have stood up to become indispensible members of society have steered the country into becoming one of Asia’s growing economy.

Since the Sigma Rho has found itself rooted in the heart of the nation, it has now become imperative that it fosters for the country it loves so dearly a soul. It has been said that the soul of a country is its culture, driven by the arts and music it creates. For this reason, the Sigma Rho has decided to focus its energies into providing avenues for culture creation and opportunities for cultural workers to be more appreciated so that they can see themselves not only as independent onlookers but as partners in turning the Philippines into a well-rounded nation that is brimming with talent.

Thus, the Sigma Rho has partnered with the Outlook Pointe Foundation, Inc. to formally initiate its endeavors with a concert entitled “Sulong Sining: Seekers of the Right,” showcasing the indisputable talents of established musical talents like TOYM awardee Jovianney Cruz, soprano Rachele Gerodias, concert pianist Joshua Alexander Manalo, and celebrated members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra: cellist Giancarlo Gonzales, violinist Jimmy Tagala, Jr., violist David Tagala, bassist Vincent dela Cruz, and percussionist Lexter Santos in one night that is bound to be remembered for decades. In true poetic fashion, the financial rewards and donations gathered from this unforgettable night will benefit the Philippine High School for the Arts, an institution whose goal is to produce geniuses in the field of the arts and music. But for now, just sit back and enjoy the show. There is definitely more to come.

Oscar Gozos


Sigma Rho Council
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