SAGIP! Children’s storybook writing competition

Launched in Manila Ocean Park on March 13, 2010, “On Tatay’s Boat” by Cey Enriquez exhibits how art and storytelling is a most capable medium for advocacy. It is the winning entry of the Sagip! Children’s storybook writing competition in partnership with the CSR-arm of the Philippine Transmarine Carriers, the PTC-CSJ Foundation. Books were distributed to public schools across Metro Manila as an advocacy towards marine-life preservation and English literacy.

Copywriter and first-time author Cey Enriquez was selected as the competition’s winner while graphic artist Nelz Yumul was commissioned for the illustrations of the book. Honest prose and eye-catching illustration make On Tatay’s Boat a story both wholesome and profound. The book launch was attended by the grade school students of West Rembo Elementary and Fort Bonifacio Elementary.

Selection Committee: Queena Lee Chua, Leticia Estagle & Wilfred Victoria


“On Tatay’s Boat” by Cey Enriquez


I wanted to start with a mind-­‐boggling, profound, bordering-­‐on-­‐ philosophical statement, in an effort to sound impressive. But after a few failed attempts, thankfully, I gave up. Because trying to speak in a voice not mine, would be going against what The OPF stands for.

With its vision to ‘reignite passion and nationhood through storytelling and art’ The OPF has initiated projects that call out to the artist in every Filipino. In these times when we’ve all been numbed by news about how bleak the state of the nation is, we sometimes forget that the inspiration for change we so badly need already lies within us. And OPF has been vigilantly coming up with worthy endeavors to goad us to speak up, write, draw, sing; make something wonderful, find inspiration beneath the rubble of dreary facts-­‐-­‐be artists for change.

I believe we all want to make this nation better. We just don’t know where to start. Thankfully, organizations like The OPF help us make a difference, while happily being ourselves and doing what we’re good at.

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