The Outlooke Pointe Foundation opened the year 2010 with Sulong Sining, a concert showcasing the talents of classical pianist Joshua Alexander Manalo and the Himig ng Muntinlupa Chorale.

Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz, world renowned pianist and Filipino talent, said during the introduction of the concert: “I think music and the arts is the perfect image for the Philippines… as the best way to rebuild a nation and to eradicate the unfortunate image of corruption, of political chaos and all of these things that seem to make our image fall.” Sulong Sining reminds us of the legacy where every Filipino has come from, which in turn outlines the path to social change.

Sulong Sining was held on January 9, 2010 at the Insular Life Auditorium, Muntinlupa City. This project was supported by the City of Muntinlupa.

Artistic Director:
Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz
Himig ng Muntinlupa
Joshua Alexander Manalo

Himig ng Muntinlupa Choir

Audience at Sulong Sining, Insular Life Theater, Muntinlupa City

Pianist Joshua Alexander Manalo