OPF supports VIVA EXCON 2012 at Dumaguete City, Philippines

Dear Fellow Visayan Artist and Colleague:


We are happy to announce that the 12th VIVA EXCON Biennale will be happening on
November 8–‐10, 2012 in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Details and guidelines of the biennal are attached to this letter. We are encouraging art practitioners, cultural workers and students to join us in this year’s Viva Excon, aptly themed “Pagpahiluna ” which mean to put things in order to set things in perspective.

Registration fee are as follows:
Professionals: P 2,600 (early bird payment P 2,300)
Students: P2,300 ( early bird payment P 2,000)

The fee includes meals, snacks, event kit, tour and event shirt. The early bird facility will be announced later.

Reasonable lodging places are available at the Negros Oriental Convention Center, both aircon rooms and dorm type. As for the travel routes and transportation info to Dumaguete from different parts of the region, we will be sending it in the next letter.

For more information, you may visit and like our facebook page temporarily as we are still processing our website. Key in http://www.facebook.com/vivaexconbiennale

We look forward in seeing you at the 12th Viva Excon Biennale in Dumaguete!



Antonio Mario A. Wenceslao




Biennale Brief 12th VIVA ExCon– Pagpahiluna (Looking After)

The 12th VIVA ExCON will be held in Dumaguete City from November 8 to 10, 2012. It will comprise several sections. The main components are the Launching Historical Exhibition at the Vargas Museum in Manila; Garbo sa Bisaya Awards and Exhibition; Biennale Conference; Biennale Exhibition; Arte sa Boulevard; LihokLokal in Dumaguete City and local tours around the province of Negros Oriental. The biennale’s theme “Pagpahiluna” is Visayan with a myriad of meanings alluding to the conscious act of putting things in place or perspective. It is employed to describe the generosity of taking care and giving attention, of arranging and setting aside, reserving and saving something of value or importance for posterity and progeny. The Biennale

Will be hosted by Foundation University and Dilliman University.


Handumanan (Remembering)

Launching Exhibition at the Vargas Museum

Slated to open on October 9, 2012 at the Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines Dilliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. This exhibition will formally launch the VIVA EXCON 2012.

The show will be an exposition of Visayan art and discourse on the Visayas in axtransdisciplinalx and historical context. The aim is to present a range of artifacts – art, maps, images, texts, photographs, and so on – that inflects the condition of the Visayas. The exhibition will be curated by Patrick D. Flores.


Garbo sa Bisaya (Pride of the Visayans)

VIVA Awards

The awardees of the 2012 Garbo sa Bisaya are Victorino Manalo, Raymund Fernandez, Florentina Colayco, Norberto Roldan, Antipas Delotavo, Mark Justiniani, and Paul Pfeiffer.

A show featuring their works and accomplishments will be opened on November 9, 2012 at Hibbard Hall following the awarding ceremonies at the Luce Auditorium in Dilliman University.


Pakighinabi (Conversation)

Biennale Conference

The conference is scheduled on November 8, 2012 and will present six of the “Garbo sa Bisaya”

Awardees in a lecture and open forum.

Each of them will reflect on their work and will have a freewheeling roundtable discussion.


Biennale Exhibition

Ten artists with Visayan roots will be presented in the Biennale Exhibition. The selection will go

Through a consultative curatorial process including studio visits in the Visayas Islands.

The island visits are scheduled on September 2 in Bacolod and will cover Panay and Negros

Occidental, and September 3 to 4 in Cebu for the islands of Cebu, Leyte, Samar and Bohol. Final decision for the 10 slots will be in mid–‐September. The exhibition will be curated by Patrick D. Flores.

Arte sa Boulevard

Art Market

The art market will be set up at the Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City’s premier promenade and famous landmark. A modular roofed structure will be put up and designated exhibition spaces will be allocated to each Visayan Island group. Utilities, wall space and basic security will be provided. The art market will run for three days. Details and point person concerning this event will be announced separately.


LihokLokal (Local Movement)

Local Exhibitions

Several local exhibitions will beheld to coincide with the VIVA ExCON 2012. An open schedule in

The Biennale will allow the participants to explore these exhibitions and small gallery spaces, providing a wider view of the local art scene in the City.


Suroy–suroy (Sight–‐seeing)


The tour will take the participants around key spots in Dumaguete City and to Lake Balanan, Municipality of Siaton, about 60 kilometers south of the Island. Lake Balanan is an Eco- ‐destination developed by the Province of Negros Oriental. There will be various activities offered like landscape painting/ sketching, kayaking, swimming, hiking, bird–‐watching and a chance to ride a zip–‐line.



12th VIVA EXCON Biennale Program of Activities


Day 1, Thursday – November 8


Day 2, Friday – November 9


Day 3, Saturday – November 10

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