Being Alone

The Orange Project in partnership with Outlooke Pointe Foundation presents Being Alone, an exhibition of paintings by Precille Love Tanate, a UP Cebu student.

In this exhibition, Precille’s works explore her ideas and experiences of loneliness and isolation brought upon living in a city. Precille’s works show that living in the massed presence of other human beings; physical proximity is not enough to dispel a sense of internal isolation. It’s possible – easy, to feel desolate while living cheek by jowl with others. And that loneliness doesn’t require physical solitude but rather an absence or paucity of connection. 

Precille’s works of art draw you into a surreal world where every element – the strokes, colors, and composition – show a reflection of day-to-day life. These images within the window frame portray the depth of being alone, not only physically but also in a philosophical sense. Everyone is cordially invited this May 20, 2019, for the opening reception at 6:00 PM at The Orange Project, Art District, Lopue’s Annex Bldg, Lacson St, Bacolod, Negros Occidental. The exhibition will run until June 20, 2019.

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